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St. Joseph Athletic Association


The parish athletic board directs the athletic programs in accordance with Diocesan Catholic Youth Organization guidelines.  In general, it strives to reinforce athletics as a vehicle for continued growth and Christian maturity through teaching fundamentals, emphasizing the importance of team play and stressing fairness and good sportsmanship according to Catholic principles.

The Board is made up of volunteers including a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer who hold open monthly meetings during the school year.  It is responsible for funding, directing and coordinating all basketball, cheerleading and volleyball activities.  

Participation is open to students of St. Joseph School or students active in the SRI program.  These activities are funded by a modest registration fee and various fund raising projects.

Girls and Boys Basketball:
Varsity grades 7-8
Junior Varsity grades 5-6
Biddy Ball grades K-4
Girls Volleyball  
Varsity grades 7-8
Junior Varsity grades 5-6
Cheerleading grades 5-6

Individuals interested in working with the youth of the parish in any sports activities are welcome.
Contact:  Dr. Francis Kilkelly – Phone No. 637-0933


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