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The prayer shawl ministry began in June, 2009 at the suggestion of the Harrisburg Diocese Council of Catholic Women.  The purpose pf the ministry is to combine prayerful ministry and the love of knitting and crocheting by reaching out to individuals in need of comfort and solace.  Shawls are made from machine washable and dryable yarn by members of the PCCW, their relative or friends.  At the beginning the crafters purchased their own yarn but as the ministry became known, contributions of yarn or funds were realized and now there is a supply of yarn available at no cost to the crafters.  However, the members often still supply their own yarn.  The ladies may meet at members’   homes where work begins with prayer for the recipient.  Some ladies who are not able to meet because of scheduling or health related issues (our oldest crafter is 98) work on their own and present the final product.  At the start of 2017, almost 600 shawls have been created and distributed to those in need throughout the United States and several foreign countries.  As the ministry grew and the supply of yarn became more plentiful, other items were made for distribution in the parish.  In the past, scarves were presented to the staffs of the school, SRI, and office in appreciation for their hard work.  In 2016, it was decided to offer hats and other winter items free of charge to parishioners.  So, the “Kiddy Kaps” distribution was held on the cold, blustery weekend before Thanksgiving.  Over 200 items were distributed and many contributions were made to the yarn fund.  A similar program is being considered for 2017. The ministry is always looking for new members and recipients for the shawls.  Any PCCW member or the parish office may be contacted for more information.


Contact:  Mary Solarczyk - Phone - 717-637-6553


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