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Our Christian Call to STEWARDSHIP

“Not to be served but to serve” -  Although St. Joseph Parish has a long tradition of service by its members, participation of a greater percentage of parishioners has been realized since formally introducing Stewardship in the fall of 2010.  The number of ministries continues to grow as members come forward with their talents and skills to address the needs of the parish and the surrounding community.

Stewardship Is: 

As proclaimed by biblical prophets and authors under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a good Steward:

  • Receives God’s gifts gratefully;
  • Cultivates them responsibly;
  • Shares them lovingly with others and
  • Returns them with increase to God.

Stewardship Renewal:  Each fall, St. Joseph Parish conducts a Stewardship renewal, during which we reflect on how we each are being stewards of those graces and gifts we have received from God, and how we can employ them to fulfill our baptismal commitments to further bring about the Kingdom of God.  During the renewal, a Ministry Fair with more than 50 participants is held in the Msgr. Gribbin Parish Hall.  Shortly thereafter, we make our commitments as to how we will use our time and talents in the parish in the coming year.

Stewardship Organization



Servant Joy Council:       Pastor provides guidance to the stewardship council

Lynne Laughman - Phone 632-5232  E-mail:

Kelly Lynch - Phone:  634-5373  E-mail:

Msgr. James M. Lyons - Phone 637-5236 E-mail:

Betty Svirsko - Phone 637-2429  E-mail:




The Stewardship Organization has six sub-committees

                 Communications Committee – J. Lynn Miller, Chair

                 Evangelization Committee – Ruth Young, Chair

                 Hospitality Committee– John Gindlesberger, Chair

                 Prayer and Spirituality Committee– Craig Redding, Chair

                 Treasure Committee – Tony Vaccare, Chair


The people of St. Joseph have responded lovingly and openly to the Biblical call to 

stewardship through countless hours of volunteerism within and outside of our parish;

  • In sharing talents and skills across a broad spectrum;
  • In returning a portion of their financial blessings for God’s work here at St. Joseph Parish and beyond the local church.


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