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Vacation Bible School invites you to grab your parkas and snow boots and get ready to explore the artic wonderland with us! Let’s plunge into this cold world and God’s wonderful word! Come to VBS beginning on July 24th thru July 28th and learn what we should do to get to KNOW, LOVE and SERVE God better! We will uncover the COOLEST BOOK ON THE PLANET--THE BIBLE! Contact the parish office @ 637-5236 or stop by to grab a registration form

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School provides families with a week (usually in July) of fun and excitement exploring God’s great word!  Workers begin planning the event in February and meet at least monthly up until the week before VBS.  Two classes are held for Kindergarten age children, one for Special Needs students , one High School age and three classes each for grades one through eight.  If you are available for a limited term project each year and enjoy working with children, this ministry may suit your needs.
Contact:  Stacey White – Phone No. 637-5236

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